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Auckland Tourist Information

Auckland hotels

Auckland Ambulance
For medical emergencies call 111, or for an ambulance call (0800 229 6757)

Auckland Banks
Banking hours are from 9am to 4.30pm. There is a branch of the Bank of New Zealand at the airport as well as many in the city. You can exchange money here or at money exchange centres in and around Auckland.

Auckland Climate
Auckland has a moderate climate, with warm conditions during Summer and can get quite cool during Winter. Due to it's coastal outlook, winds from the bays can be quite cool and and strong. The average Temperature during Summer is 24 degrees Celsius. The average temperature during Winter is 14 degrees Celsius.

Auckland Libraries
Auckland Central Library, Lorne Street (09 377 0209)
Grey Lynne Library, Great North Road (09 376 3577)
Parnell Library, Parnell Road (09 373 5082)

Auckland Medical Services
Medical services are not free to tourists in New Zealand, therefore health insurance is advised. The following Auckland public hospitals all have accident and emergency services
Auckland Hospital Park Road, Grafton (09 379 7440)
Middlemore Hospital, Hospital Road, Otahuha (09 486 1491)
North Shore Hospital, Shakespeare Road, Takapuna (09 486 1491)

Auckland Police Services
In case of an emergency contact 111. The main Police station in Auckland is located on the corner of Fort Street and Jan Baxter Place.

Auckland Post Offices
Downtown Shopping Centre (09 309 6343)
Wyndham Street (09 302 1059)
Wellesley Street West (09 379 6710)

Auckland Shopping Hours
Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm; Saturday and Sunday 10am to 4pm
Some stores have later trading on Thursday or Friday evenings.

Auckland Telephones
Phone cards can be purchased at convenience stores. There are plenty of public phones in Auckland and you need to dial 018 for the operator.

Auckland Tourist Information
Auckland Travel and Information Centre, 287 Queen Street (09 979 2333)
New Zealand Visitor Centre, Corner of Quay and Hobson Streets (09 979 7005) There is also a visitor information centre at Auckland Airport.

Tipping is not expected but like other places has started to take hold.


Barcelona Tours

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Barcelona Car Hire

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Barcelona Accommodation
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