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Reaching Auckland

Auckland hotels

From the Airport
Auckland Airport is located twenty kilometres to the south of the city centre and takes about 45 minutes from the city centre.

Quarantine regulations are strict in New Zealand . It is best not to carry in any food, in particular, and no other vegetable or animal materials if possible.

There is a Visitor Information Office at the airport. Turn left after passing through Customs and it is almost at the end of the building hidden behind a café. This office has free telephones to many hotels and backpackers hostels, so you can make your reservation here, and know where you are going. The officer on duty will also have details of any special offers available.

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The Airbus service operates every twenty minutes and provides transport to almost anywhere within the city centre. It serves all major hotels and backpackers hostels within the area. The trip can take up to an hour, with 45 minutes as an average time. The first departure from the city to the airport is at 5:00, and the last departure from the airport to the city is at 22:00. There are also minibuses available for the same journey.

A taxi to the city centre costs approximately $60.


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