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Auckland Natural Areas

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Achilles Point
Good viewpoint with a viewing platform. Cliff Road, St Heliers.

Mt. Eden
Auckland is a city of volcanoes – 48 of them. One of the most conspicuous is Mt. Eden , a park area near Newmarket. It is on the Coast to Coast Walk route and it offers a splendid view over city and sea, as well as an interesting crater at its summit. Mt Eden Road.

Cornwall Park and One Tree Hill
One of the great pioneers of Auckland was Sir John Logan Campbell. Often called ‘the Father of Auckland', he was born in Edinburgh in 1817 and arrived in this city at the age of 23, in 1840. He spent the rest of his long life based here, and in 1902 he was knighted. He owned the land which is now Cornwall Park , and donated it to the city in 1901. His home was Acacia Cottage, built in 1841 and on display in the park, and he is now buried at the top of One Tree Hill, another volcanic cone, with Maori ruins evident. This is an interesting park to visit for it tells much of the history of the city. There is an Information Centre in the park, and Acacia Cottage serves as a little museum.

Mission Bay
Mission Bay offers beautiful views of Waitemata Harbour and Rangitoto Island beyond, with Hauraki Gulf in the distance. Mission House here was built in the 1850s using stone brought from Rangitoto Island, while the Norfolk pines were planted by Anglican bishops a decade later. There is a fountain, which reaches as high as twelve metres and is illuminated by night. The Savage Memorial at Bastion Point, at the western end of the bay, commemorates Michael Joseph Savage, the first Labour prime minister of New Zealand and the founder of the welfare state system in the country. This is also an area of bayside restaurants and cafés.

Waitakere Ranges
These ranges were once huge Kauri forests but unfortunately were logged to almost extinction. The Centennial Memorial Park is located here and is a popular forest area due to it's close proximity to Auckland. The ranges are bordered by beaches and the Tasman sea, and there are up to 143 walking tracks through some rugged parkland.

Waiwera Thermal Pools
One million litres of water per day emerges from the ground at Waiwera at a constant 53°C. There are 26 naturally heated indoor and outdoor mineral water pools here, ranging in temperature from 28°C to 43°C, and various water slides. The pools are in a valley of native bushland not far from the beach, where there are coastal walks.


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