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The Sky Tower is the tallest tower in the southern hemisphere and the twelfth tallest in the world, stretching up 328 metres into the Auckland skyline. It offers a good view from the main observation deck (186 metres elevation). On a clear day, one can see as far as 82 kilometres. There are also restaurants in this area of the tower. However, if you want an even better view, you can continue ever upward to the Sky Deck (220 metres elevation).

The tower is made mainly of concrete and weighs 20,000 tonnes. It has been built to withstand winds gusting up to 200 km/hr, or an earthquake measuring 8.0 on the Richter scale and centred only 20 kilometres away. The ride to the top is in a glass-sided lift travelling at 18km/hr and taking 40 seconds (or up 1,029 steps, if one prefers). The floor of the main observation deck is also of glass, 38 millimetres thick, so that one can see down between one's toes onto the street. At the top of the tower is an FM antenna which broadcasts seventeen stations simultaneously, more stations, it is claimed, than any other single antenna in the world.

Sky Tower

Sky Jump
Located on the top of the Sky Tower Observation deck is Sky Jump , which is an external descent on a wire from a height of 192 metres. It takes sixteen seconds at a maximum speed of 75km/hr to reach the base. It is not a cheap thrill but will please all height loving dare devils. A less scary thing to do is sit and watch the jumpers flying off the tower, much more fun! If you prefer going up than down there is the Vertigo Climb, where you climb up a small internal staircase ending up at 270metres above ground in the crows nest, and if you are game to open your eyes the view is stupendous (0800 759 586).

The Sky City complex at the base of the tower incorporates a hotel, restaurants, bars, three casinos and a theatre.


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